News     31/08/2021

Michael Sheen announces “Talk to Adferiad” national campaign which asks you to shape new charity’s future

Michael Sheen announces “Talk to Adferiad” national campaign which asks you to shape new charity’s future

The campaign will see 23 events across Wales and in Lancashire and a celebration event in the autumn

Michael Sheen, Ambassador of Adferiad Recovery, has announced a 2021 campaign which will see thousands of people across Wales and beyond engaged in shaping the new charity’s future.

The charity launched earlier this year when Adferiad Recovery, CAIS, Hafal and WCADA merged into one.

Adferiad Recovery’s trustees and senior management are now inviting all the charity’s stakeholders – clients, members, carers, staff, volunteers, supporters and funders – to share their aspirations and define the new organisation from the very start.

Announcing the campaign, Michael said: “Talk to Adferiad will see us holding a big conversation involving all our stakeholders across Wales and beyond.

“We’re a new and ambitious charity, and we want you to discuss exactly what type of charity we should be, what our goals should be, and what we should be campaigning for. What you tell us will decide what we do in the coming years.”

Alun Thomas, Chief Executive of Adferiad Recovery, said: “The important thing to remember is that Adferiad Recovery belongs to its members – mainly clients and their families – and also its other key stakeholders including volunteers, staff, partners, funders and supporters.

“The trustees and management of Adferiad Recovery are at their service and ready to act on what they tell us. The point of this campaign is to provide that opportunity and stimulate a far-reaching and diverse conversation about what we should be aiming to achieve as a charity.”

23 local campaign events which will cover all 22 counties of Wales and Lancashire will provide key opportunities for stakeholders to join the discussion; an online survey and social media campaign will also provide opportunities for stakeholders to engage virtually.

A report on the “Talk to Adferiad” campaign will be launched at a celebration event in the autumn sponsored by Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing Lynne Neagle MS: this will set out the steps Adferiad Recovery will take to put its stakeholders’ views into action.

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