Our Values, Aims & Mission

We do things our way – The Adferiad Way. At Adferiad, we prioritise the person and not the circumstances, putting the individual at the heart of everything we do. Instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, we strive to understand each person's unique needs, circumstances, and preferences. Our focus is on providing tailored support and assistance that is specifically designed to meet their individual requirements. By adopting this approach, we aim to empower individuals and ensure that they have a voice and control over their own lives. We believe that by recognising and valuing the uniqueness of each person, we can deliver services that are truly meaningful and impactful.

Our Values

Our Aims

We aim to make positive changes in the lives of people affected by drugs, alcohol, mental health problems, and other life challenges, through a range of services and support delivered by skilled and experienced staff, in the belief that people can and do change. Adferiad Recovery delivers a new, flexible and co-ordinated response to the exceptional circumstances faced by people with co-occurring mental health and substance misuse conditions and related issues.

Our Mission & Aims

Our Mission & Mission Statement

To provide support, relief and treatment to people suffering directly or indirectly from problems associated with mental health and emotional well-being, illness, age, social exclusion or economic inactivity.

To provide treatment, care and support to people suffering directly or indirectly from problems associated with alcohol or drug use and other dependencies.

To support the prevention of alcohol and drug use through the provision of services for those suffering from substance use, addiction or other dependencies.

To provide education and training for professionals and volunteers in the field.

To raise public awareness of the effects of substance dependency and use, mental health complexities, and co-occurring issues.

To advise and advocate for people suffering disadvantages from problems caused by alcohol, drug use and other dependencies, disability, illness, age or social exclusion.

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