Our Story

We are proud of our history and believe our story highlights our expertise, commitment and dedication to our mission. With more than 50 years of history, let us tell you our story

Our Story

1968 – Where it all began

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones was a young doctor at Denbigh mental hospital when he noticed that alcoholism was becoming a more common problem and there was little support for these patients in our hospitals and outside.

In 1968 Dr Jones set up a dedicated unit to treat alcoholism in one of the hospital’s empty wards. But he realized that hospital treatment was not enough and that patients needed to be supported in their homes and communities after leaving hospital. He began a campaign to establish the North Wales Alcohol Council.

Our Story

1970 –  9th of May – A seed is planted…

The Times published an anonymous article by John Pringle in which he wrote about his experience of caring for his son who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and the ways in which that diagnosis affected the family.  This opened up conversations around the country and began a movement of changing the way mental health was spoken about.

1972 – The NSF, a precursor to Hafal is born

John Pringle formed the National Schizophrenia Fellowship (NSF),  bringing together four nations across the UK with a single mission – to be a voice for individuals and their families/carers who are suffering/affected by serious mental illness.

Our Story

1979 – WCADA is born

Alan Douglas founded The Alcohol Advice Centre above a small outfitters shop in Swansea to be able to provide counselling services for individuals affected by alcohol dependency in Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Bridgend.  The organisation grew and then became the Welsh Centre for Addiction and Dependency (WCADA).

Our Story

1992 – CAIS gets its name

North Wales Alcohol Council becomes CAIS (Cygnor Alcohol Information Service)

Our Story

2003 – NSF becomes known in Wales as Hafal

The NSF in Wales became Hafal – an independent Welsh charity supporting people, carers and families with serious mental health illness.

2009 – The first signs of what was to come

A Welsh Government Peer Mentoring service was funded, to be delivered by people with lived experience. CAIS, Hafal and WCADA began working together in partnership.


2010 – Influence on a national scale

Hafal Campaigned successfully for new Mental Health legislation for Wales, now known as the Mental Health Measure with Service Users and Carers at the heart of the campaign.


Our Story

2017 – An existing partnership comes back together to form Mental Health UK

The original four nations from the UK-wide NSF came back together after 14 years to form Mental Health UK.


2017 – Hafal merges with Crossroads Mid & West Wales Care.

Our Story

2017 – The beginning of Adferiad

CAIS, Hafal and WCADA create Adferiad Recovery, a charity created in partnership between the three organisations to begin working together on delivering cooccurring services across Wales.

Our Story

2019 – Adferiad appoint the first Life President

Former Chair of Hafal, Elin Jones becomes Life President to represent the Charity at local and national level, and campaign on behalf of its Members for improved services and support.

Our Story

2020 – Adferiad continues to grow

The Living Room Cardiff becomes part of Adferiad Recovery

Our Story

2021 – Adferiad, as we know it

CAIS, Hafal and WCADA decide to deepen their partnership and merge – Adferiad is born.  Combining the skills, knowledge, and expertise in the fields of substance use, mental health, housing, criminal justice, veterans, carers, gambling and employment & support – to meet the needs of the people who need it most, with a single, unified and comprehensive approach to delivering quality services.

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