News     04/10/2021



Huge consultation finds that Adferiad Recovery’s stakeholders want joined-up services, action on stigma and rights to improved care and treatment

The findings of the Talk to Adferiad consultation, which included events across Wales and a national survey, will be presented at a World Mental Health Day event in Cardiff Bay on 7th October

The first results are in! Over 1000 Adferiad Recovery stakeholders from across Wales –  members, clients, carers, volunteers, staff, funders and supporters – have already had their say on what the new charity’s goals should be, what it should be campaigning for, and what they want from wider services in Wales. Here’s what they said:

  • All services for people with mental health, addiction or co-occurring problems need to be joined up: i.e., they need to treat the person as a whole and provide an integrated approach instead of pigeonholing people into specific services
  • The sigma surrounding addiction, mental health and co-occurring diagnoses urgently needs to be addressed
  • We need improved rights to timely, well-resourced and patient-centred services for our client group.

Specifically, when asked what new services they wanted Adferiad Recovery to develop in the coming years, participants identified a priority for those which focus on befriending and social activities: a clear sign of the importance of getting people together in a post-COVID Wales.

Michael Sheen says thank you!

The consultation, which saw hundreds of people attend 23 events across Wales and beyond, and hundreds more take part in an online survey, was launched by the Charity’s Ambassador Michael Sheen in early September.

Michael said: “We’re a new and ambitious charity, and we want our stakeholders to discuss exactly what type of charity we should be, what our goals should be, and what we should be campaigning for. Thanks for your support!”

A message for the Welsh Government

The consultation also asked stakeholders what Adferiad Recovery should be campaigning for, and how it should be holding the Welsh Government to account. The priorities for campaigning were identified as:

  • Gaining more resources for services
  • Improving waiting times
  • Ensuring a new Mental Health Act in Wales is implemented in as progressive a way as possible.

Participants also identified a clear priority for working to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction, mental illness and co-occurring issues, and said that the charity should fight for an early intervention approach for all services in Wales.

Next steps

Adferiad Recovery’s CEO Alun Thomas said: “I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in our consultation. Adferiad Recovery belongs to its members and other key stakeholders and the trustees and management will act on what they have told us.

“In the coming years we are going to shape our new charity in light of the priorities identified by the consultation: this will include the development of ambitious new services for people with co-occurring needs, tireless campaigning to reduce stigma, and active lobbying to improve the rights of our client group.

“Exciting times are ahead. Watch this space!”