News     20/10/2022

The Mental Health Bill – My Response

The Mental Health Bill – My Response


I have published my response to the Joint Committee on the Draft Mental Health Bill

I hope you will agree that I have been careful to ensure that this reflects what patients and carers have told me over the years and especially since I took up the challenge of the current UK Government when it agreed to consider reform of the current Act.

And I’m really pleased to report that Adferiad Recovery has fully endorsed my response which they agree reflects the views of their mass membership – no surprise because they are the people I have been talking to of course! But it’s fantastic that we can unite around a clear position.

The challenge doesn’t stop here of course – we need to convince this Committee about what we stand for but will the UK Government listen to the Committee? And then there’s the Welsh Government: will they be proactive or will they just go along with whatever the UK Government comes up with?

Meanwhile it occurred to me that some people might like to know exactly what’s in the draft Bill: of course you can read it but just in case you prefer something short and sweet take a look at Jo’s 10 Point Guide to the Draft Mental Health Bill 2022

I’m in this for the long haul and I invite you to join me. I’ll keep you posted and we will see this through!


Jo Roberts is a mental health campaigner who was on the receiving end of the Mental Health Act for over 30 years. In the past she has received compulsory treatment; some of that treatment was deeply unpleasant and even terrifying. Jo is campaigning for a progressive Mental Health Act fit for the 21st Century – an Act that gives patients and carers in Wales and beyond a fairer deal.