Ty Hafal Supported Accommodation



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Opening times:

8am – 4pm, 7 days a week


01792 816600

About the Project

Ty Hafal is based in Haverfordwest and is a semi-detached house rented by Adferiad Recovery from ATEB Housing Association.
The project is funded by the Housing Support Grant via the Pembrokeshire County Council Supported Living Service Framework.

Ty Hafal provides temporary supported accommodation to individuals who have experienced a psychiatric illness and need support to integrate into the community, enabling them to lead a full and active life. The shared house provides space for four occupants and one tenant receiving floating support in a satellite flat.

Ty Hafal provides temporary supported accommodation to occupants as part of their Wellbeing Programme and Housing Related Support who are encouraged by Adferiad staff to be involved in typical social activities with friends and each other, e.g. college, training, hobbies, holidays, volunteering, work placements etc.

Individuals are supported to prepare for and are encouraged to reach their goals and potential in preparation for independent living. The project ethos is for occupants to have ownership and pride in creating a comfortable ambience and have responsibilities including daily chores, etc. which enables each occupant to learn and develop social & daily skills.

Eligibility / Referral Process

To be eligible to live in Ty Hafal it is necessary to be under the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) with a lead need of serious mental illness and requiring Housing-Related Support.

The referral process is as follows, contact Marie Balchin (Pembrokeshire Housing Service Manager) or Michelle Miscisz (Adferiad Recovery Registered Manager) who will send out a referral form which needs to be completed and sent back to the Service Manager and or the Registered Manager, with an up to date Care and Treatment Plan (CTP) and Risk Assessment.

Adferiad Recovery Housing panel will assess (including meeting and assessing the individual referred). If and when the decision has been made for placement, The Adferiad Recovery Service Manager / Registered Manager will contact you and your Care Coordinator to meet, and organise a move-in date.