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Time to Change Wales is the first national campaign to end the stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with mental health conditions. We were established in 2012 and since then have brought about measurable change in public attitudes in Wales.

Our work is grounded in the belief that no one in Wales should have to experience mental health stigma in any aspect of life. Our unique position as a social movement allows us to mobilise hundreds of individuals, Employers and communities across Wales to come together as a collective voice against stigma.

Time to Change Wales is perfectly positioned to lead public dialogue around mental health stigma and help shape policy and campaigning for sustained societal change.

Time to Change Wales is funded by Welsh Government and managed in partnership between Adferiad and Mind Cymru.

Tackling mental health discrimination in work

  • Become part of the solution. Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to challenging mental health stigma and discrimination by signing up to our pledge.
  • The Time to Change Wales pledge is a public declaration that your organisation wants to step up and tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. Is your workplace ready to make a difference?

Why you need to sign the pledge

  • 1 in 6 British workers is affected by mental health problems, including anxiety, depression and stress every year, and 300,00 people lose their jobs due to long-term mental health issues.
  • Our goal is to end mental health discrimination in Wales. But, to do this, we need your help. We need employers, like you, to step up to the organisational pledge – helping to break the silence around mental health.
  • Together, we can normalise mental health and wellbeing, and show acceptance in the workplace.
  • Benefits for employers may include:
      • Establishing your company as an advocate for better mental health
      • Less absence, sickness, presenteeism, and associated costs – poor mental health costs employers up to £42 billion a year. That equals £1,560 per employee per year.
      • Lower staff turnover
      • Great communication and disclosure
      • Early detection and intervention
      • Increased productivity and revenue
  • 92% of pledged employers agree that, since signing the Time to Change Wales mental health pledge, employees have increased awareness of mental health and how to access support within the workplace.
  • 85% of pledged employers agree that line managers feel more equipped to support staff with mental health difficulties.
  • It’s Time to Changes Wales’ mental health!

Hear Melin Homes’ story

Click to learn how the pledge has helped Melin Homes, an organisation that has signed up to the Time to Change Wales pledge, shape both its policies and processes, having a positive impact on staff at all levels of the organisation.

Eligibility / Referral Process

Become a Time to Change Wales Champion

Time to Change Wales Champions are volunteers throughout Wales with experience of mental health problems who are at the heart of our campaign, challenging stigma in their own communities, campaigning in the media and sharing their stories.

Our Champions:

  • Receive training and support to share your story;
  • Share their story with employers, community groups, schools, universities and youth groups;
  • Help out at events and get involved with community projects;
  • Write blogs for our website;
  • Play a part in our upcoming social media campaigns and help shape what we do next;
  • Take part in our podcast;
  • Are 18 and above;

Some Champions also volunteer at our offices, contribute to press and media stories or help the campaign online. If you’ve got other ideas or ways you’d like to help with our campaign, we’d love to hear them.

If you are interested to attend, please email.

Here is a video of our Champions sharing about the wonderful work they do.