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About the project

The Prison In Reach Project exists to support individuals leaving Prison.  Jan 23 – Jan 24 is a Pilot in which the remit is any prisoner resettling in North Wales from HMP Berwyn (Men) and HMP Styal (Women) can utilise the support of the Prison In Reach Service when leaving the gates of the Prison.  The first year will concentrate on Opiates and those in Recovery from Opiates.  Furthermore, the Project will oversee a robust Community Connector Programme of Volunteers that will carry out the critical gateway work and support prison leavers back into the community.  Those that are most vulnerable will be supported by a community connector for a whole 72 hours upon release (9-5) and then fall back to ‘loose’ support after then.  The community connectors will not have anyone else to see in that 72 of dedicated and targeted support

Eligibility / Referral Process

We do not have a referral process yet as we are not live. When we are, it will be a referral from an agency, or our own referrals within the prison and we will look at each case individually. The criteria are prison leavers with opioid abuse new or historic who wants help as its voluntary to work with us.
Can send you a referral form when it’s all approved and up and running.