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About the Project

The Adferiad Pathway has been designed to provide our clients with individualised services best suited to their needs. Through
our various residential recovery units, community-based services, and partnerships, we are confident that we can provide people who need help to tackle their gambling and co-occurring conditions with the best possible support.

As part of our Gambling Pathway, funded by Gamble Aware, we have developed a specialised pathway which encompasses five key stages of treatment, with each stage being tailored to the individual needs of the person.

We support people who are aged 18 and over with life challenges such as mental health problems, substance use issues and co-occurring and complex needs. We have joined forces with Gamble Aware, National Gambling Support Network in creating a treatment pathway addressing co-occurring comorbidities including alcohol, substance use and mental health in conjunction with gambling addiction.

Our mission is to find sustained recovery from harmful behaviours. We provide specialised inpatient care to combat alcohol, substance use and gambling addiction. Throughout this process, individuals receive a tailored and bespoke package of care to allow them to set goals, identify potential barriers, build recovery capital, personal resilience, rebuild family relationships, and debt management. We operate the ‘no wrong door ‘philosophy, treating co-occurring gambling and addictions to address the addictions at the same time rather than treating them as separate problems.

Referral / Eligibility Process

We accept referrals from all of the UK for anyone struggling with gambling addiction in conjunction with other additions.

If you would like to request more information or to discuss the referral process with us, please get in contact using the phone or email address above.