Northgate House & Floating Support



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Opening times:

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 5 days a week with an oncall system for out of hours.


01792 816600

About the project

Northgate House Supported Accommodation is based in Haverfordwest and is a detached house rented by Adferiad from ATEB Housing Association. The Floating Support element of the service is delivered across the County of Pembrokeshire.

The project is funded by Housing Support Grant via the Pembrokeshire County Council Supported Living Service Framework.

Northgate House provides temporary supported accommodation to individuals with Alcohol and/or Substance Misuse
The shared house can have up to four occupants in the shared house.

Northgate House provides temporary supported accommodation to
Occupants who have been through a treatment programme for their alcohol/substance misuse and as part of their Wellbeing Programme and Housing Related Support, are encouraged by Adferiad staff to be involved in typical social activities with friends and each other, e.g. college, training, hobbies, holidays, volunteering, work placements etc. Individuals are supported to prepare for and are encouraged to reach their goals and potential in preparation for independent living.
The project ethos, is for occupants to have ownership and pride in creating a comfortable ambience in the project and they have responsibilities including daily chores, etc. This enables each occupant to learn/ develop social & daily skills.
Floating support helps people who are concerned about their substance misuse and who need assistance to maintain their tenancies or to live safely in their own home, within Pembrokeshire.
Assessments are completed to identify needs and if accepted into the service a person-centred support plan is put in place and staff will attend the persons accommodation on a regular basis to support the person to build their skills to achieve their goals.
Support plans can include tenancy issues, claiming benefits. maximising income, referral for debt management, access other services i.e., medical and legal support. Access to education, volunteering and employment. Referrals to agencies if wanting to make changes to their substance misuse.

Floating support also attend the local authorities homeless hostel on a weekly basis to build rapport with residents to enable tenancy support to be in place when they move on to tenancies.

Eligibility / Referral Process

To be eligible for Northgate House the person has completed a programme of treatment and be drug/alcohol free and committed to maintaining this abstinence. The commitment will include to not using any prescribed or non-prescribed medication. Treatment types include:
Residential Rehabilitation , community /in- patient de-toxification and relapse prevention programme . Must be over 18 years old and accommodation is for single occupancy . The accommodation provided is temporary and those entering will need to be committed to achieving independence within in a maximum of two years .
Referral ;
All enquires and referrals should be made to a substance misuse social worker in Community Drug and Alcohol service , Pembrokeshire County Council , who will also assist any person or agency to make an application for a place in the scheme .
All applications will be considered by a panel consisting of Pembrokeshire County Council Substance Misuse and mental health service manager (chair) , Pembrokeshire C Community Drug and Alcohol team manager