Monmouthshire Family Support



Contact Information

Opening times:

Thursdays 9-3pm


01792 816600

About the project

The Monmouthshire Family Support services aims to support any family member or carer of a person dealing with mental ill health. The projects aims are:

  • To support carers and family members to have a shared understanding of the issues relating to mental health and the impact it can have on everyone
  • Provide them with tools to help manage the mental health of the cared for.
  • Give people information that will help them understand and navigate the mental health system.
  • Improve communication between family members, enabling them to express a range of emotions and requests in a safe and constructive way, including asking for what you need and having difficult conversations.
  • Ensure that Young Adult carers continue to receive support once they leave the Young Carers service
  • Identify the goals and aspirations of the carers as well as the cared for.

Eligibility / Referral Process

Carers, including young carers of individuals of people with a mental health condition.
Open referral process to include Primary and secondary Care. Young Carers Team