Conwy Phase Two Project



Contact Information


07795 484114


About the Project

Adferiad’s Conwy Phase Two project delivers floating support across the county of Conwy to individuals who are experiencing poor mental health, homelessness, or who are living in temporary accommodation. The project has proven beneficial to individuals by enabling them to understand a tenancy, provide support to look for property, and allow them to work closely with the move-on officers from the council.

Our overall aim is to provide tapering support so that individuals can maintain longer-term tenancies, breaking the cycle of homelessness and vulnerability and enabling them to live independently.

Who do we support?

We support individuals aged 18 years and above across the county of Conwy who are experiencing homelessness and poor mental health and who have lost their tenancy.

How do we do it?

Our support helps clients to become more independent in every area of their life, including:
• Support to manage accommodation and feel safe
• Support to manage relationships
• Helping clients make choices and take positive risks
• Support to go to social or leisure activities to feel part of the local community
• Support to identify and access training and education
• Support to gain employment and voluntary work
• Support and signposting with budgeting and financial matters
• Help with managing physical matters
• Help with managing mental health


Referrals are received from The Conwy Pathway Team; self-referrals to Adferiad will also be sent to the Pathway before we assess eligibility.

If you would like to request more information or to discuss the referral process with us, please get in contact using the phone number or email address above, or alternatively, contact