Campaigns     13/05/2024

2024 Let’s Get Physical

Today we’re announcing our 2024 Summer Campaign: Let’s Get Physical! This year’s campaign is all about three essential things: physical health, physical fitness, and healthy eating.

Physical health, exercise, and nutrition can have a huge impact on someone’s mental health and general wellbeing. People with mental health and substance use issues can often find it difficult to maintain healthy habits and look after their physical health; on the other hand, physical health conditions can exacerbate poor mental health and increase the likelihood of problematic substance use. The rates of some serious physical health conditions are much higher in people with severe mental illness, and often go undiagnosed due to barriers to accessing healthcare.

Our campaign aims to raise awareness of these issues, help people understand their own physical health, and guide people to a pathway to treatment. At all of our events across Wales we will be offering Physical Health Checks to give people an overview of their health, actions they can take to improve their health, as well as specific test results they can take to their GP for further treatment.

Let’s Get Physical will be launching on the 17th of May, at the Halliwell Centre in Carmarthen.

See our campaign rationale here, which outlines why we chose this as our campaign, what actions we will be taking, what actions we want the government to take, and the dates and locations for all of our events. If you would like any further information, please contact us at: