Specialist Older Persons Service


Neath Port Talbot

Contact Information

Opening times:

9-5 Monday – Friday


0300 790 4022



About the project

A significant amount of focus is placed on reducing isolation and supporting Older people to enhance their support network.

The specialist Older Persons Service will help individuals deal with their addiction through a comprehensive support package including:

  • Advice and awareness sessions.
  • Health promotion.
  • Structured induvial support.
  • Diversionary activities.
  • Advice to improve social and domestic skills.
  • Emotional support and assistance in accessing local community services such as housing, health services and counselling.
  • Liaising with other service providers such as Community Mental Health teams, GP’s, and other Health Professionals. Probation service, Social Services, Welfare Advisors and Legal Services.
  • Assistance and support in accessing training, education and employment opportunities.
  • Advice om accessing appropriate childcare.
  • Supporting service users to achieve levels of independence and improved self-care and to help alleviate social isolations.
  • Onward referrals to other alcohol and drug treatment services as appropriate.

Eligibility / Referral Process

Those aged 55 and over who is seeking support around their drug and/or alcohol use.
Neath Port Talbot freephone: 0300 790 4022
Email: NPT@newidcymru.co.uk