Monmouth Advocacy Services



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About the Project

Monmouth Advocacy Services provide the support you need to make sure your views and wishes are heard and that you can fully understand and exercise your rights. All our advocacy services work to empower our clients to self-advocate and have a voice.

Our advocates will listen carefully to your views and concerns and support you to make informed choices. This is an empowering process where the advocate takes a facilitating role, not giving their personal opinion or making judgements but providing practical support which enables the client to make their own decisions.

The service offers support with:

  • Listening to your concerns and helping you explore what would improve the situation
  • Supporting you to contact relevant people/agencies, or doing this on your behalf
  • Accompanying you to appointments
  • Helping you to record your views/requests if you find it difficult to talk with professionals

Our advocates provide a personalised service which is sensitive to each individual’s needs and situation.

Eligibility / Referral Process

The service is available to current patients specific hospitals in Monmouthshire only