Hafan Wen Inpatient Detoxification Unit, Wrexham


North Wales Wrexham

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01978 313904



About the project

Hafan Wen detoxification centre delivers exceptional service to both NHS and private clients in a safe and secure environment, supported by our dedicated and experienced team of professional staff.

Hafan Wen provides:

  • a flexible range of drug and alcohol detoxification programmes
  • a comprehensive therapeutic programme, examining lifestyle and coping mechanisms
  • Our service delivers quality care with the help of experienced and knowledgeable professionals.  Treatment is led by a consultant psychiatrist and service manager, with round-the-clock support from
  • qualified nursing staff.

Hafan Wen can treat and support people with:

  • mild to moderate mental health problems
  • a history of alcohol-related seizures
  • complex and entrenched psychological problems related to substance misuse (including PTSD)
  • varied spiritual, religious, cultural and ethnic needs
  • complex social needs

Hafan Wen also provides clients with a range of evidence-based psychosocial interventions, developed and regularly reviewed by our clinical psychologist.

Service users will be able to develop a range of coping strategies to ensure sustained recovery and abstinence.

The service offers:

  • Medically Managed brief intervention – alcohol/substance misuse
  • Consultant led & hospital sited.
  • Therapeutic Programme – bio/psycho/social model. Cycle of Change.
  • Harm Reduction – Naloxone training/Basic First Aid.
  • Health Promotion – Alcohol head to toe/Drugs head to toe/Smoking cessation.
  • Access to BBV treatment, diabetic nurse, tissue viability, smoking cessation, ante-natal/maternity.
  • Recovery = Safety & Positive Experience.

Eligibility / Referral Process

Adferiad Residential Services Referrals Team

Referrals Co Ordinator, Daniel Bennett

  • Email: daniel.bennett@adferiad.org
  • Telephone: 07833 318639

Referrals Co Ordinator, Chelsea Campbell

  • Email: chelsea.campbell@adferiad.org

Registered Manager: Gemma Lyon

  • Email: gemma.lyon@adferiad.org
  • Telephone: 07871434590