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Neath Port Talbot Swansea

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Each group is delivered at different times at each agency.


0300 790 4044, 0300 790 4022

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About the project

Providing education, awareness and insight to individuals affected by substance misuse and to those who wish to move forward and maintain their recovery.

  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness group – a twelve-week education group providing information on the effects of alcohol and drugs on individuals, families and the wider community, to help service users to make informed choices about their recovery.
  • Step One group – a six week programme. The session are delivered weekly and looks at step one of the 12 step programme. The facilitator provides information specific to the disease of addiction where the participants can see if it matches their own experiences. In this group we will be look the problem of addiction and discussing the solution
  • Moving On In My Recovery – a twelve week peer support group. The weekly sessions cover issues such as getting ready to move on, lifestyle balance, mental wellbeing, anxiety, low mood, relapse, peer support, relationships, being me, loss, stigma and future goals.

Eligibility / Referral Process

Any person aged 18 and over who requires support with Drugs and/or Alcohol
Swansea freephone: 0300 790 4044
Neath Port Talbot freephone: 0300 790 4022