Domestic Violence Project



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07795 484114


About the Project

Adferiad Domestic Violence Project provides support to twelve women and men who have fled domestic violence. We own five properties that are used to provide supported accommodation; these are three one bed flats and two three-bed houses, which enables us to house families.

The project provides partnership working with Adferiad and STORI. Adferiad being the lead, this project provides two staff: one from Adferiad and one from STORI. Referrals are received from Conwy Pathway, and both Adferiad and STORI go out together to carry out the assessment – staff will work closely together.

Our service users have a range of needs. We develop a support plan with our service users which gives clarity of what is expected from staff and themselves.

The person-centred support plan gives both the service user and Housing Support Mentor a clear understanding of the service user’s goals and how they will be supported to achieve them. We pride ourselves on how we walk with our service users on their journey and feel job satisfaction knowing we have supported our service users to achieve their goals.

We accompany users to appointments, being an advocate when everything is not understood, and involving our service users to feel they can take control of their own lives. Our overall aim is to support our service users to rebuild their lives, giving them the confidence to take back control and move forward in their new lives.

Eligibility / Referral Process

Every Monday a spreadsheet is completed updating the progress of our residents and service users, and new referrals and move-in dates are sent to Conwy Pathway weekly. Monthly meetings are held with Managers, the team leader and STORI staff.

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