Dechrau Newydd


North Wales

Dechrau Newydd

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Opening times:

9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday


01492 863000

About the project

Dechrau Newydd aims to engage those at risk of offending or who are involved in the Criminal Justice system and support them to:

  • reduce offending
  • improve their health and social functioning
  • engage with multi agency support
  • make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Dechrau Newydd provides Opiate Substitute Therapy (methadone/ oral lyophilisate (Espranor) and buprenorphine pro-longed release injection (Buvidal) for 12 weeks after release from prison, and to individuals who have been sentenced to a Drug Rehabilitation Requirement.

The service will offer dedicated assessment and interventions:

  • recovery care planning,
  • group activities,
  • health and wellbeing,
  • harm reduction
  • recovery, and mutual aid services to those involved within the Criminal Justice system.

Services work closely with current community providers to ensure transfer of care from prison services, police and probation, health care and treatment services into wider recovery support.

Dechrau Newydd is delivered in partnership with Kaleidoscope Project.

Eligibility / Referral Process

Prison and Probation services