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0800 – 17:00 hrs


01792 816600

About the project

Change Step works with Veterans NHS Wales, we offer a unique Niche Veteran to Veteran peer mentoring support to veterans who need therapy related to experiences and damage related from their time in service, or advising individuals with their transition to civilian life.

Supported by funding from Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, With other bolt on specific projects that vary in a specialist need of the military mind that assist external vendors providing their approach to wellbeing for veterans Pan Wales along with the V4P who assist in with their partner agencies that, support veterans who take that journey through that treatment, offering a tailored practical guidance and the opportunity for aftercare through the Drop in /hub communities
Through our innovative collaboration offer our team of peer mentors who work directly alongside specialist therapists to support former forces personnel who need treatment tailored to their military background.

Eligibility / Referral Process

Mental Health issues for service with VNHS (Wales) must be a service-related trauma injury.
No service related Injuries from service can receive therapy through The Icarus Charity or the Warrior Programme.

IPPs and Probation Licence restricted veterans Online support only.

Veterans must produce some form of validity of service, (No Photographs, Discharge Papers (Red Book) is essential to obtain support from statutory Agencies, for example: VNHS(W) RBL, ABF, SSAFA etc.

Referral can be made through Adferiad Online website.
Agency referrals as above.