Bridgend Family Support

County: Bridgend

Contact Information

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00


01792 816600

About the project

The Bridgend family support service supports & promotes the value of carers​ by providing a service that is inclusive, informative and has a dedicated local staff member for support via different methods including 1-1 work through advice and guidance for the carers and their needs.

The service also facilitates a carers support group & cares forum, involving staff members from local health board and hospitals.
Within these partnership meetings the carers are consulted and at the centre of deciding what the service looks like, including any activities they
want to engage in or group trips they wish to go on.
Previously as a result of these consultations the group has attended places such as Brecon railway, and group meals.

This service is open 48 weeks of the year, and has an open referral route to a carer of someone with a mental health need. Carers assessment should be in place, but we are able to support the carer with this should it not already be processed.

Eligibility / Referral Process

Residents of the Bridgend who provide care or support to people impacted by Mental Ill Health.