News     18/06/2024

Our Manifesto for the 2024 UK General Election

Our Manifesto for the 2024 UK General Election

Before we head to the polls on July 4th for the UK General Election, we have put together our thoughts on what we want to see from the next UK Government.

We want to see leaders put a greater emphasis on support for individuals with mental health, addiction, and other complex issues, and here is where we think they should start.

Ensure Mental Health Legislation is fit for purpose and appropriate for the 21st century

The number of detentions under the Mental Health Act remains worryingly high, with a disproportionate number of detentions of individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds. The UK Government has previously accepted that processes are out of step with a modern mental health care system, however alternative legislation has failed to progress.

Prioritise Support for Gambling-related Harms

There remains a significant need for enhanced support to address the growing crisis of gambling-related harms and the significant mental health issues, financial distress, and social costs associated with gambling dependence. Action needs to be taken to protect vulnerable populations, particularly those with mental health or substance use issues.

Integrate Health, Social Care and Justice: A Unified Approach for Better Outcomes

There is clear evidence of the link between offending and mental health, rather than being diverted to appropriate health and social care services many individuals end up in the criminal justice system, leading to further marginalisation and exacerbation of their conditions.

Urgent Reform of Benefits, for a Fairer, More Accessible System

Many people with mental health or dependence issues face significant difficulties accessing the range of welfare benefits to which they are entitled. Having to cope with navigating the benefits system itself can affect people’s mental health, with many of our service users describing the process as ‘degrading, punitive and poorly designed’.

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