News     16/01/2023

Happy New Year from Jo!

Happy New Year from Jo!


Just a quick post to wish everybody a happy New Year.

I called in on my friends in Adferiad Recovery a couple of weeks ago to make a video about our ideas for new mental health legislation: it will be linked on our social media in due course (no Netflix subscription required!).

I was also interested to hear about Adferiad Recovery’s 2023 campaign on the cost of living crisis to be launched next spring: I will certainly be joining in and I hope you will too. The campaign is still at the planning stage but I was pleased to learn that they will be taking a very practical and positive approach rather than just talking doom and gloom. There is no shortage of scare stories about this problem: what’s needed is accurate information, sound advice and mutual support which will help people to get through the coming months safely and healthily – and without panicking or giving up on their path to recovery and a better life.

The campaign will also press the UK and Welsh governments to take action to support our client group: you can see more about this in Chief Executive Alun Thomas’ recent article in the Western Mail.

Meanwhile if people with mental health or addiction problems – or their families or carers – are worried about this you don’t have to wait until the campaign takes off: contact your local Adferiad Recovery service who will help you (or refer you to somebody who can); and for specific information on money matters you can also go direct to our Mental Health and Money Advice Service.

Jo Roberts is a mental health campaigner who was on the receiving end of the Mental Health Act for over 30 years. In the past she has received compulsory treatment; some of that treatment was deeply unpleasant and even terrifying. Jo is campaigning for a progressive Mental Health Act fit for the 21st Century – an Act that gives patients and carers in Wales and beyond a fairer deal.