News     26/04/2023

Adferiad Supports Pride Events Across Wales

Adferiad Supports Pride Events Across Wales

Adferiad are delighted to be supporting Pride events across Wales over the next few weeks.

In addition to attending the Pride events in Swansea and Cardiff, this year Colwyn Bay will be holding its first Pride event which Adferiad are sponsoring.

Alun Thomas, Chief Executive of Adferiad, said: “Our engagement with Pride has grown and developed over a number of years, initially by attending, then by promoting, and now by sponsoring.

“Adferiad has worked with a number of influential groups to help us create a safe space for our team to learn and understand, to provide a trustworthy and welcoming organisation for beneficiaries and staff, and to act as a beacon and voice for change by becoming both an exemplar for practice and a Rights Affirming organisation.

“Pride is a celebration of people and their resilience, and while it is often a specific event, Adferiad Recovery believes that we should carry that spirit with us all year long.

“Sadly, discrimination, and hate crime is a daily issue for the LGBTQ+ community and Pride is key in raising awareness and celebrating individuality. As one of Wales’s largest charities as well as one of the UK’s larger charities, it is vital that we ensure Pride is supported to continue the incredible journey that has been celebrated for over 50 years.”

The Events:

Swansea: Saturday, 29th April 2023. Held outside the guildhall with the stand in the Brangwyn Hall. Parade to leave from Wind Street at 11am.

Colwyn Bay: Sunday, 14th May 2023 on Colwyn Bay Promenade.

Cardiff: Saturday 17th June and Sunday 18th June – More details to follow

Adferiad will have a stall at all the events, with various fun activities going on throughout the day. If you’re attending any of the events, make sure you call in and say hello!