News     10/01/2022

GambleAware commission Adferiad Recovery for pilot project to extend residential rehabilitation provision for gambling disorder

GambleAware commission Adferiad Recovery for pilot project to extend residential rehabilitation provision for gambling disorder

GambleAware has announced the outcome of its grant award process for a pilot project to extend the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS) provision of residential rehabilitation for gambling disorder.

Adferiad Recovery has been commissioned by GambleAware to provide residential rehabilitation for adults presenting with gambling disorder and complexities, specifically co-morbid alcohol and/or substance use disorder. The winning bid outlined the ongoing partnership between the two organisations which reflects their shared values and complementary skills and expertise.

The new project will be delivered in partnership with Gordon Moody, a midlands-based organisation that provides treatment for those whose lives have been severely affected by gambling addiction.

Informed by the needs of those with lived experience throughout the service design process, the two organisations have developed a common assessment framework, robust clinical governance and safeguarding measures to underpin the delivery of the plan. The proposed model allows individuals to direct their own treatment and proceed at their own pace, recognising that recovery is not linear. Service users, along with their families and loved ones, will be actively involved in the care planning process, creating a system that is person-centred, goal-orientated and strengths-based.

Though tailored to the individual, the treatment will broadly encompass the following:

  • Medically managed detoxification
  • Acute mental health support/rehabilitation
  • Residential rehabilitation (gambling)

Engaging hard-to-reach groups was a central part of Adferiad Recovery and Gordon Moody’s proposal, with a focus on including unrepresented groups in treatment, reducing barriers to access, and proactively supporting GambleAware in assertive engagement initiatives with people from ethnic minority communities, women, and younger people.

Leon Marsh, Adferiad Recovery’s Director of Hospital & Residential Services, said: “In a majority of cases, those with a gambling addiction are also experiencing additional life challenges, whether it be substance misuse or mental ill health, and so Adferiad Recovery believes that a comprehensive person-centred approach, using a trauma informed approach alongside an evidence-based treatment model, delivered by highly experienced staff is key to sustained recovery. We are pleased to see that GambleAware recognises the importance of addressing the underlying issues which cause people to become addicted to gambling and are excited to work alongside them on this fantastic initiative.

“Adferiad Recovery is committed to providing our clients with individualised services best suited to their needs. Through our various residential recovery units, community-based services and partnerships we are confident that we can provide people who need help to tackle their gambling addiction, and any other underlying issues contributing to their addiction, with the best possible support.

“We are delighted to be working with our partners at Gordon Moody to bring this pilot project into fruition, and look forward to supporting more people across the UK tackle their gambling addiction for good.”


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