News     20/05/2022

Adferiad Recovery recognises the fantastic work of all its nurses!

Following International Nurses Day, Adferiad Recovery wants to recognise the fantastic work of all its nurses within the organisation.

Adferiad is proud to employ many fantastic nurses across the whole of Wales, who help and support hundreds of individuals with mental ill health, substance misuse or co-occurring issues.

International Nurses Day was widely celebrated on 12th May and following the celebration, we would like to continue our thanks to the amazing team of Adferiad nurses, and announce our plans to set up regular professional meetings for our nurses twice a year facilitated by Professor Euan Hails MBE and to have an event going forward every year to celebrate International Nurses Day.

As an organisation Adferiad Recovery are forming strong links with the Royal College of Nursing as a Professional Body and partner. This will benefit our clients, services and nurses going forward, enabling them access to all the support structures that the RCN and specifically RCN Wales are able to offer, including a state-of-the-art Nursing Library at the Cardiff office.

We are also pleased to announce our Director of Clinical and Therapeutic Governance, Professor Euan Hails MBE, has just been confirmed as a member of the RCN Wales Board. Euan was nominated by Adferiad CEO Alun Thomas and will sit on the RCN Wales Board as the first mental health nurse and member of a Welsh third sector organisation.

We appreciate and understand that despite working through challenging circumstances during the past couple of years, our nursing staff continue to go above and beyond to deliver highly skilled, safety-critical care every single day – a big diolch yn fawr from all at Adferiad Recovery.