News     07/06/2022

Adferiad Recovery 2022 Volunteering Service Highlights

Adferiad Recovery 2022 Volunteering Service Highlights


As Volunteers’ Week 2022 draws to a close, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of our volunteers who support our services across Wales.



A few recent highlights from Adferiad Recovery’s Volunteering Service:


Adferiad Recovery Volunteer Receives 10-year Award

One of our amazing volunteers, Carmel, received her 10-year award this month. Carmel currently volunteers with our Homelessness Prevention Service in Wrexham. Before that she volunteered with our Wrexham Soup Dragon.

Many thanks Carmel for your INCREDIBLE commitment to 10 years of volunteering!


Right: Carmel receiving her award



Recognition of Commitment to Volunteering

Our Cyfle Cymru North Wales service have been nominated for a CVSC Award in recognition of their time spent volunteering in the local community. Their volunteering activities include a garden project at the Llandudno Museum as well as general clearing up at the Welsh Mountain Zoo.

Members of our Caniad service will also be attending the event in recognition of the time they donate to attending meetings to represent the voice of service users experiencing issues with mental health and substance misuse.

Well done both, and good luck!




Adferiad Recovery became the first organisation in Wales to achieve the new Investors in Volunteering award this year!

Earlier this year we were delighted to be the first organisation in Wales to achieve the new Investors in Volunteering Award.  The award has changed to become more about volunteers rather than the focusing on an organisation’s processes.

IiV is a great way for an organisation to promote how they value volunteers and have policies and processes in place to look after them.

We would like to thank the WCVA, CVSC and our amazing assessor Julie Goodrum for their support in completing the application for this award. We would also like to extend a HUGE thank you to our volunteers who were interviewed as part of the process and gave really encouraging feedback about their experience of volunteering with Adferiad Recovery.

We are incredibly proud to have received this award.



Bae of Colwyn Volunteer Award 2022

One of our long-time Trustees has won the Trustee Volunteer Award 2022 for her commitment not only to our organisation but also her passion for volunteers and the amazing things they support us with.

Carys was a part of the team putting together our application for Investors in Volunteering Award which we gained earlier this year.

Many thanks for your support, Carys.




Ever thought about Volunteering?

“Volunteering has given me a purpose; I can go home on a high knowing that I have helped somebody.”

“Volunteering was a major part in my recovery and by doing a selfless act like volunteering was the first step and most important for my life substance free.  Giving back to other and the feeling of doing something worthwhile.”

“Volunteering gives me the enjoyment of helping other people, it gets me out and something to get up for.”


Volunteering can be one of the most rewarding things we do and is seen as a selfless act, giving up our time for the benefit of others. However, there should also be something in it for each volunteer as this is where the passion and motivation come from.

Whether you are wanting to keep busy, gain experience in order to change careers or want experience to compliment your education.

Go online to your local CVC (there is one for each county) and see what opportunities there are.

If you are interested in volunteering with Adferiad Recovery, you can find out more here.