News     17/06/2022

Adferiad Cwm Taf EIP team to fundraise by walking 10k steps a day in July!

Adferiad Recovery’s Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) team in Cwm Taf will be raising vital funds for future group activities and adventure therapy sessions by taking part in a challenge to collectively walk 10,000 steps a day throughout the month of July.

Staff, service users and carers will join together in Cwm Taf to raise money whilst promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. Walking and talking is another big aspect of this challenge, with service users vouching that getting outdoors and partaking in exercise whilst simultaneously talking and opening up about their problems has had a very positive effect on their mental wellbeing.

Starting on 1st July, all participants will track their daily steps and send them weekly to an Adferiad team member. On the final day of the month, all participants will join together to walk the final 10,000 steps as part of the Taff Trail in the Pontypridd area.

One Adferiad EIP service user is very much looking forward to getting started and comments on how much they enjoy the group activities that this challenge will be raising money for. They said: “It’s a unique experience you get from these kinds of activities when done with people you aren’t familiar with.

“I enjoy being in an environment with people I know are struggling in the same way I am. It’s the people there that make it interesting, and the activity is the motive of going.”

Adferiad’s Young People’s Ambassador Lloyd Ashley is also wishing the team well ahead of their fantastic fundraiser. The former Ospreys rugby star said: “Since becoming Adferiad’s Young People’s Ambassador I’ve been delighted to support all the work the charity does in improving the lives for people in Wales, especially within the various early intervention and young people’s services in which I have a particular interest in.

“I’m also an advocate for how important physical activity can be for one’s mental health, so this fundraiser will be great for the guys to get out into the fresh air, reap the benefits of getting active and of course this then has a knock on effect and improves their mental wellbeing and outlook on life.

“I look forward to seeing all the updates throughout the month and hopefully this can raise some money to help Adferiad continue to put on these great sessions for young people not only to enjoy, but to also build up confidence, communication, teamwork and many other key life skills.

“I’m wishing everyone the very best of luck!”

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