News     26/02/2022

A Grand Week of Recovery Stories – Caroline’s Story

A Grand Week of Recovery Stories – Caroline’s Story

Caroline has been in recovery for two and a half years. Before her addiction took hold, she was living what she described to be the ‘perfect life’ as a veterinary nurse living in a home she shared with her husband and children. Her issues with alcohol were not evident to begin with; it began with drinking a glass of wine in the evenings and at social occasions.

“Looking back, I don’t fit the mould for your typical ‘addict’. I didn’t have a traumatic childhood, I was married with children and living in a nice area. I didn’t think that I had a problem as what I was doing was legal, everyone else did it. I was of a nervous disposition and alcohol allowed me to display emotions I wouldn’t normally express, such as anger or sadness. I stepped over the line when I started drinking in the day, having a glass of wine at lunch times.”

Caroline’s drinking became more frequent and began to escalate resulting in her losing her driving licence, her home and contact with her children. She found herself living on the streets of Chester and began consuming other substances on top of alcohol, including cannabis, spice and heroin, to help her cope with her situation.

“Addiction really can take anyone. I have drank in professional situations, and in the gutter. I was in a crisis; my life was chaos! I was getting too old for this lifestyle and decided it was time to pick up the pieces.”

Caroline attended rehab in the Wirral and following her discharge began receiving support from SMS and began engaging with Adferiad’s Day Programme (now known as our Structured Recovery Programme). She then referred to the Moving on in my Recovery programme, delivered by Adferiad’s CAMFA service which she believes to be a vital part of her recovery journey.

“As part of Moving on in my Recovery you get a mix of professional and peer support which, to me, is a perfect formula to help recovery. It isn’t about listening to each other’s misery; it’s about looking at the reasons behind your addiction and what you need to do after becoming sober to help sustain lasting change.”

By now Caroline has completed her Moving on in my Recovery course and is now looking at her future work prospects. Due to a recent diagnosis of osteoporosis, full-time employment may not be an option for her. However, she is remaining positive and looking at suitable volunteering opportunities for the future. She is also supporting others on their recovery journey regularly facilitating Moving on in my Recovery groups herself.

“Facilitating Moving on in my Recovery groups helps me a great deal; it reminds me what it’s all about. Supporting others in their recovery helps me in my own recovery. It helps to give me a focus and keep me on the straight and narrow.”

Caroline continues to make great progress on her own recovery journey. In January 2022 she was discharged from the SMS service and is now living in secure accommodation with a support dog, has gotten her driving licence back and sees her children regularly.

It’s lovely; I’m in the best position I’ve ever been in!”


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